Friday, January 11, 2008

Pune Innovation 2008 : Ideas in Practice

Government : [Click TePP]

1. Do the innovation. It should be unique. It can be simple and obvious too. Think Beyond Imagination.
2. Find out a pricing model / revenue model. Strategy/People.
3. Do the market analysis. Compare with other products. Pros/Cons of your and others products.
4. What are the pin points of your product?
5. Take care of customers and their expectations. Think as if you are one of them. User experience.
6. Think not only for early bird advantage but in long terms. Think Fast. Vision.
7. Do the Risks/Liabilities.
8. How do you do marketing? Promote. Om Shanti Om.
9. Always have the exit plan ready. (Just like in sysadgiri where you should always have the backup plan ready.)
10. Blank. (You have to fill this by yourself.)

ps: What your Dreams really mean!

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